What Can Guided Meditation Do For You?

Today I'm writing a post about the wonders guided mediation can do for you. A client came in today and shared her success story on the huge impact this service has done for her. This inspired me to share with you guys the many amazing benefits you can receive just by taking 20 minutes a day to free your mind. Meditating daily can create a world of endless opportunities that can benefit your body, mind, and even your wallet!

First off, lets start with a little bit about the guided mediation program we have to offer here called Cloud 9. Cloud 9 allows members to simply slip-on insulated headphones & set your mind to a state of peace and tranquility. With a wide variety of programs that help you achieve anything, from stress relief to even weight loss! When using this program, you don't need to know how to meditate, all you need to do is listen, and fall effortlessly into a sense of deep relaxation and stress relief.

Here's a short list of what kind of guided meditation programs we offer!

~Affirming Self

~Creating Sustainable Success in Marketing

~Creative Mind Series

~Design Your Destiny

~Freeing Effort and Stress

~Get in the Zone

~The Zone of Balance and Harmony

~Have a Great Day

~Inner Journey

~Learning Made Easy

~Realizing Wealth


~The Art of Sales

~The Key to Weight Loss

~The Law of Attraction

~Visioning The Here and Now

~You Are Love

....and SOOOO many more!

So what kind of benefits can you receive from our Cloud 9 program? Continue reading and find out more on just what guided meditation can do for you!...

  • Weight-loss, the #1 question I receive when discussing benefits of mediation, how does mediation help you lose weight? Mediation slows down brain wave activity, which results in triggering human growth hormones (HGH). These hormones regulate your metabolism, controls your blood sugar, and promotes protein synthesis in your bodies cells. This then stimulates your fat cells, by slowing them down and reducing the amount of stored fat in your body.

  • Stress relief, usually this is the first thing everyone knows when it comes to mediating, but how? Mediation calms your adrenal glands and puts them to rest. When this happens, it prevents your body from going into adrenaline and cortisol over-ride, the stress causing hormones. Thus resulting in feeling less stressed, all from taking 20 minutes a day to ease your mind. Slowing down the frequency and usage of these hormones can really benefit your thyroid. A healthy thyroid = a happy and healthy body! This effect can also really help you on your weight loss journey as well! Less stress = less fat!

  • Hormonal Balance, not something you'd really expect from meditating daily! This moves your endocrine system out of a state of high alert. Your endocrine system is your bodies chemical messenger program, it chemically controls the various functions of cells, tissues, and organs through the secretion of hormones. Benefiting this through mediation can help decrease depression, anxiety, and stress levels, all while increasing your sex drive, motivation, and brings your body and brain back to a state of balance.

  • Increases creativity and Improves your visualization skills, which will help to improve right brain thinking. People with right-side brain dominance are thought to be more creative. This can help you excel at pursuits that involve fantasy or creation, such as song writing or drawing. People with right-side brain dominance have a better sense of where one object is in relation to another. They also sense the position of their body which helps them in sports such as yoga and running.

  • Develop skills quicker, even scientists agree that your brain is a trainable "muscle" that needs daily exercise to maintain proper health and learning abilities. By working out your cerebral cortex every day in meditation, your ability to absorb an understand new information, adapt to any situation, and personally grow in all directions becomes limitless.... no matter how old you are! Meditating daily balances both left and right side of your brain, resulting in a better ability to multi-task, and pick up new skills.

Now before I boggle your mind with copious amounts of information, I am sure you guys get the idea on how much it can truly do for you. All studies and research that have been done have been scientifically proven, so this is no hoax! There is a current study that states that over 90% of people who have committed to the practice of meditating daily, started seeing and feeling changes in their lives and the way they deal with everyday situations in a matter of weeks. Meditation for beginners might be a challenge, but we encourage you to stick to it to experience its benefits and transform your life. With our Cloud 9 Program, you will be a pro in meditation in no time! Come in to see the amazing impacts this can have in your life. We guarantee that in a matter of weeks, you will feel less stressed, depressed, and looking more refreshed!

Give us a call today and try our guided meditation program for FREE! 801-658-9009 Relax, Glow, Renew.

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