Energy On The Go!

Today I want to discuss my saving grace! A product we had just received at the spa that has helped me TREMENDOUSLY! I struggle with morning grogginess on the daily, and couldn't ever get by a single morning without at least one large coffee and energy drink or two. Lets start with a little bit about myself, I'm extremely sensitive to caffeine, and I struggle with anxiety and ADHD... So ingesting these highly caffeinated morning beverages, I only found myself just as tired, with a faster heart rate, jitters, and a nasty case of anxiety. Sometimes my anxiety would get so extreme, it interfered with my lifestyle and work. My morning caffeinated ritual only became more tedious, some would call it insanity, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result! And they were right! It was insane to consistently pump my body full of things I knew wold only make me suffer. I've been down the road of supplements, vitamins and even medications prescribed by my physician to help me with this constant struggle...only to see no results. Then one day a shipment came in that cured it all, HydroGo Clean Energy. This product has loads of benefits that provide far more then giving you energy! It aids in weight loss, healthier glowing skin, boosts feelings of well being and confidence and even stabilizes blood sugar! It also helps support healthy muscles, and aids in internal processing! Packed full of vitamins and nutrients, you get all of this in one packets that you can take literally anywhere you go! You can purchase a box of 25, or in singles. The average person spends about $5.00 on coffee a day, this adds up to almost $200 a MONTH! Now not only would you be saving tons of cash, but it also benefits your body in more ways then just providing energy. Change the way you revitalize today at Planet Beach in Clinton!

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