When is the last time you relaxed? Our world today has us running everywhere with a million things to do, leaving us exhausted, stressed, unhappy, grumpy, and even unhealthy. Clinton Planet Beach has made it convenient to relax and recharge! In the privacy of your own room you will be able to let go and go to a place that will help you recharge and invigorate your mind, body, and soul.

We offer great relaxation services and want you to feel amazing every time you step into the spa.

Looking great helps a person feel great! Clinton Planet Beach offers a number of services that will bring out your natural glow! If you are getting ready for that special occasion, wedding, cruise, vacation, prom, presentation, speech, final exam, job interview, special night out, or just want to look great,  we can bring out your natural beauty with our glow services. Your friends may even ask you if you've lost some weight.


Our renew services will help return your body and mind to that healthy, vibrant, youthful looking you. Clinton Planet Beach's renew services have incorporated technology that is in the forefront for natural skin healing and body renewal. We have treatments for your entire body, inside and out. 

You will love how you look and feel.


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