Skin Care

Because the skin is the largest organ of the body, an effective

skin care (face and body) routine is important for optimal health and beauty. 

Just as the body needs cleansing and proper nutrition, you must nourish and 

protect the skin to experience vitality no matter what your age or skin type. 

Planet Beach skin care offers the highest quality natural products that cleanse 

and feed the skin without harmful chemicals or fillers. Planet Beach skin care 

products work synergistically to preserve and protect, ensuring maximum skin 

health for a lifetime.

Each skin care product (face and body) is pH balanced and offers the 

ultimate in cleansing nutrients, hydrating nutrients and 100% skin food.


Planet Beach Nutrition products work together as a system to help you achieve superior skin health, overall wellness and weight loss. You will look great and feel even better when you use the Nutrition bundle products daily!


Since its conception, Planet Beach Nutrition has become a front runner in retail sales. 

Comprised of a 14 Day Detoxification System, Daily Vitamin Supplements, and Instant Meal Shakes, this wellness product line helps your members reach an exceptional point in their goals of Total Wellness.


Oxygen gives you energy! 90% of our energy comes from oxygen, and only 10% from food and water and is vital to your immune system, memory, thinking and sight. Oxygen promotes healing and counters aging, strengthens your heart, reducing the risk of heart afacks. Oxygen calms your mind, stabilizes your nervous system and speeds up the body's recovery after physical exertion.

Experience the benefits of far infrared sauna therapy combined with hot yoga classes, hot pilates classes, hot isometric body postures, hot bun classes, and deep tissue hot roller massage routines to give you the perfect workout that will compliment any fitness and wellness routine. You will feel incredible while you burn massive amounts of calories during each Hot Worx session to help achieve your health and wellness goals. Tone up, increase strength and flexibility, detoxify, increase your circulation, relieve pain, strengthen your immune system, reduce blood pressure, strengthen your bones, lower your cholesterol, increase your collagen, reduce cellulite, and the list goes on with our Hot Worx sauna. You will look and feel great!

See it featured on the Doctors.

Red Fusion Redlight Hydration

Red Fusion is a fantastic synergy of natural metabolic fitness, anti-aging improvement and collagen stimulation. It is relaxing and rejuvenating, enjoyable and energizing. Octisensory stimulation occurs in the luxurious, exclusive, personalized and private environment of the pod-like chamber. 

•STAGE ONE: PREPARATION: Cleansing and preparing the skin for anti-aging. 

•STAGE TWO: STIMULATION: The metabolism, immune and dermal systems are stimulated with multiple octifusion technologies to increase blood circulation, caloric consumption, activation of fibroblast, denaturation and formation of new collagen, and enhanced detoxification for acceleration of anti-aging and rejuvenation results. 

•STAGE THREE: TRANSFORMATION: Systemic thermogenesis, new fibroblast stimulation, collagen reformation and lymphatic drainage increases production of ATP and enhanced cellular activity, fresh new skin cells and reduced signs of aging with a transformation of more beautiful skin and better health.

Slim Capsule

Our Slim Capsule uses radiant heat therapy, increasing your core temperature. Every degree you raise your core, your metabolism is increased by 6%. An increased rate of metabolism causes the body to burn more calories during the Slim Capsule session, but also for hours afterwards. This phenomenon is called the “after burn effect.” This is when the body continues to burn additional calories for up to 12 hours even after the SlimCapsule session is complete!

Note: Some of the weight lost in a Slim Capsule session will be water weight, which will be regained when the client re-hydrates, however the weight lost due to the calories burned during you session is gone forever.

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