Red Fusion Redlight Therapy

Red Fusion is a fantastic synergy of natural metabolic fitness, anti-aging improvement and collagen stimulation. It is relaxing and rejuvenating, enjoyable and energizing. Octisensory stimulation occurs in the luxurious, exclusive, personalized and private environment of the pod-like chamber. 

•STAGE ONE: PREPARATION: Cleansing and preparing the skin for anti-aging. 

•STAGE TWO: STIMULATION: The metabolism, immune and dermal systems are stimulated with multiple octifusion technologies to increase blood circulation, caloric consumption, activation of fibroblast, denaturation and formation of new collagen, and enhanced detoxification for acceleration of anti-aging and rejuvenation results. 

•STAGE THREE: TRANSFORMATION: Systemic thermogenesis, new fibroblast stimulation, collagen reformation and lymphatic drainage increases production of ATP and enhanced cellular activity, fresh new skin cells and reduced signs of aging with a transformation of more beautiful skin and better health.

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