Massage at Planet Beach

Massage meets technology to create one of the most incredible massages you will ever experience. Without the worry of someone talking to you or touching you, or  having to get undressed in front of someone, you will get a massage that isn’t possible with a traditional hands-on massage therapist.   

As you slip into the DreamWave Massage Chair, you feel it envelop your entire body in comfort and repose. The chair intelligently scans your body, then as the massage begins, you are transported through a massage experience that can only be described as transcendent. 

You can target virtually any area of your body with pinpoint accuracy to relieve specific stiffness and pain points...or you can immerse yourself in one of the many pre-programmed sessions that first scans your body and then delivers a fully customized massage.

See why massage therapists choose this over a traditional massage.

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